Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DWASE #1 begins!

Sign-up opened August 11, and just over 24 hours later, we had our 18 participants, spread all over the kingdom! We look forward very much to coordinating the exchange of nifty A&S projects between the following artisans:

  • Lady Ameline de Leeuwe (Adamestor)
  • Ava van Allecmere (Polderslot)
  • Herrin Ellina dicta Vintdenwürvel, lady (Isengau)
  • Baroness Estrid Salten Sebastid (Turmstadt)
  • Fru Eyja Einarsdotter, lady (Gyllengran)
  • Fleurie de Lyra (Aros)
  • Messer Giano Balestriere, master of the Order of the Laurel (Two Seas)
  • Doña Jamila de Lizarra, lady (Veerförden)
  • Midori Kaede-san, lady (Adamestor)
  • Rouva Magdalen Yrjänäntytär, lady (Poukka)
  • Baroness Mary Verch Thomas, mistress of the Order of the Pelican (Mynydd Gwyn)
  • Lady Mylla O'Reilly (Nordmark)
  • Madame Nicole d'Anjou, lady (Juneborg)
  • Lady Rachel Edwards (Polderslot)
  • Lady Robyn of Rye (Meadowmarsh)
  • Lady Tamara of Thamesreach (Saint John of Rila)
  • Doña Victoria Alcon de Castile, lady (Polderslot)
  • Fru Þora Sumarliðadóttir, lady (Norway)

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